Clothing Exchange Form

When sending in your items...

– Please send in womens and kids clothing only. We do not accept underwear, swimwear, wedding dresses, accessories, bags or shoes. Mens clothing is also not accepted.

– Please ensure your garments are clean and freshly laundered

– Please follow our quality standards. If we accept less than 50% of the garments you send to us, we reserve the right to deduct the shipping cost from your payout.

– Please fill your satchel as much as possible to reduce waste associated with unnecessary postage.

– Please do not send in any item that originally cost you less than $20. These items, depending on the condition, are unlikely to be priced over $10 and therefore may not be accepted.

Our Quality Standards

No Alterations

Including altered material or missing labels

No Damage

Including stains, tears, rips, holes or missing parts

No Major Signs of Wear

Including pilling, fading, stretching or shrinking

No Unbranded Items

Including missing labels or home-made garments

    Your Details

    Exchange Parcel Details

    Place the items you're exchanging in a suitable satchel or box and enter the details of the parcel below.

    You must send in at least 5kg of clothing to use the exchange. If you send a parcel that is less than 5kg, the shipping cost will be deducted from your payout

    Exchange Options

    Exchange Type

    Unaccepted Items

    $12.95 will be deducted from your earnings