Clothing Exchange Terms

Last updated: 22/03/2022


By supplying goods to Mottainai Clothing and hence using our ‘Clothing Exchange’ service, you are agreeing to these terms. 

How the 'Clothing Exchange' Works

Mottainai Clothing offers a service whereby you can sell clothing to us for store credit. We first inspect the items you send to us to ensure it meets our acceptance standards before accepting an item. After your Items have been processed, Mottainai Clothing will inform you whether any of your items have been accepted by us.

Acceptance Conditions

Mottainai Clothing only accepts items that meet our acceptance standards. We will evaluate each item to determine, in our sole discretion, its:
  • Condition category (new, like-new, lightly-used, or signs of wear)
  • Physical condition (whether the item is free from stains, pilling, holes, odour or other signs of excess wear)
  • Seasonality
  • Authenticity
To cover the costs of shipping, processing, photography and storage, items that we price under $10 may not be accepted.


Mottainai Clothing will pay for the shipping cost providing at least 50% of the garments sent in are accepted. If less than 50% are accepted, we reserve the right to deduct the shipping cost from the payout.

Listing Prices

Mottainai Clothing considers numerous factors when determining a listing price. These include but are not limited to:

  • Estimated retail price
  • Brand
  • Seasonality
  • Quality and physical condition


Once your items have been processed, you will receive store credit via email. Your payout will be based on the listing price determined. Payout calculations may be subject to change without notice.

Authentication Fee

We may decide to authenticate certain designer items. If a garment you send in requires authentication, $18 will be deducted from your payout to cover the authentication costs.


When filling out our Clothing Exchange form you may choose to have items that we do not accept, returned to you for an additional fee (the ‘return’ option). This fee will cover processing and shipping costs.

Unaccepted Items

Items you send to us which we do not accept are referred to as ‘unaccepted items’. If the return option is not selected, any unaccepted items will become Property of Mottainai Clothing and will not be returned. Mottainai Clothing reserves the right to deal with unaccepted items as we see fit. This may include donating to third-party organisations or selling unaccepted items to third-party textile recyclers. Mottainai Clothing has no obligation to compensate you for these unaccepted items.

Donation of Items

If you select the ‘donate’ option, Mottainai Clothing will donate $10 AUD per bag of clothing, on your behalf. You may select the preferred charity of your choice from our selection of charities. Mottainai Clothing updates its selection of charities from time to time. The donation will be made once we have received and processed your items. You will receive a tax receipt for the donation from the charity. No payout will be made to you for items you send to us if you elect to donate.

Counterfeit and stolen items

Mottainai Clothing fully cooperates with law enforcement and brands in relation to counterfeit or stolen items. If Mottainai Clothing cannot verify the authenticity of an item, we reserve the right to refuse to accept the item.

Title to Property

Once your item(s) has been processed and you have received your store credit, you will not own and have title to each item of Property that we have accepted. If the return option is not selected, we will own and have title to each item of Property not accepted.